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Random (419)

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Episode 419: Random

Episode 419 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — more thoughts on prompts, prompt sets, prompt-driven inspiration, and the little spark or thrill that sometimes comes from the random quality of a prompt-driven challenge

In this episode of the CMP,  continued discussion of prompts, especially thoughts on how the random quality of a prompt set might provide just the bit of added challenge and excitement you enjoy.  This discussion is a continuation of the one started in Episode 418 and relates to the #illustrateyourweek challenge with the Creativity Matters Podcast group at Facebook. (We’re in Week 6 right now.)

There is also a book review of Make Art Where You Are (Guided Sketchbook): A Travel Sketchbook and Guide by Courtney Cerruti. I was able to check this out from the library using Hoopla, and I really enjoyed seeing Courtney’s landscapes (especially). I think you will really enjoy looking at Make Art Where You Are. (Note: I said in the show that it was about 67 pages in the app; Amazon’s publication notes do say it is 120 pages.)

The drawing I started while recording this show was this inspiration pick from Sktchy — a girl in a cute superhero costume. I started this drawing during the timed segment, and it was just too small. So I restarted, much larger, and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed doing this one. The inspiration photo has a great color balance, too. It was really tempting to use color after the sketch!

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