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Timelapse and #Inktoportraits

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An Illustrated Journal / Portrait Drawing Time-lapse and Some Thoughts on Doing Inktoportraits, Daily Portraits in October

I’m still sorting out “how” to record and process things like this with what I have. If I could pick through the portraits I’ve inked in recent days or weeks, these might not be the ones I would have recorded. (They wouldn’t be!) But, it’s a process. And with each video, I learn a bit more about how I can weave some of the podcast talk I offer on the CMP into short videos. I hope you’ll follow along on this journey!


Inktoportaits in October

I will be drawing daily in October, and this year I decided to use an alternate set of portrait-specific prompts (my own!) for the month. I will be drawing daily portraits using the #inktoportraits prompts below and enjoying the general energy and excitement that shows up in October for those of us who draw in ink.

Last year, I used the alternate #inktobeva prompt set, and I really enjoyed it. This year, I wanted prompts with a slightly different tone, so I created my own. A few people have indicated interest in using these prompts, too, and that will be super fun. You are welcome to join in with your own portraits!


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Trying Something New?

Will you be using fineliners for your drawing? Or fountain pen? Or maybe you’ll really branch out and use a dip pen? Will you use a small sketchbook? A large one? A spiral one? Or individual sheets? Or maybe you’ll do an accordion. The year I did that (2018)  was a really fun and favorite year.

There are always lots of choices. But it can be easy to overcomplicate things. Just pick a pen and something to draw on. And have fun!

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