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Daily Dose (425)

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Episode 425 Daily Dose

Episode 425 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — October drawing starts today (although it was still a few days away when I recorded this show). I’ll be drawing portraits with the #inktoportraits list and making sure to get my daily dose of creative time in. You?

In this episode of the CMP, some October drawing talk, #inktoportraits, and random musings on the reality that it is easier to simply stop doing things than it might seem, even things you think are really well-ingrained and important. No matter what leads you to a moment of “I think I’ll just take a break from that for a week” (or stop doing that, stop showing up there, stop playing that role), the reality is that a small break can easily slide into something longer and larger and lasting. And the road back from a small break can be difficult.

I know this has been the subject of shows in the past, and I know that for many people, stopping doing something can be really hard. Making a habit can also be really hard. There are elements of these statements that mirror one another, flip sides of a single coin. But once again I find that even dabbling in the idea of taking a break from something can often slide, subtly, into simply not doing. It’s easier to stop than you might think, and, honestly, that’s a frightening reality when it comes to things like creativity, daily walks, friendship, self-care, documentation, and a host of other important and meaningful things you might routinely do. The things we feel most attached to shouldn’t be so easy to stop.

The portrait-focused prompt set I’ll be using in October can be viewed here.

Draw Along Timed Drawing

The drawing I started while recording this show was this inspiration pick from Sktchy.

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