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Who Needs Donuts (427)

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Episode 427 Who Needs Donuts

Episode 427 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a look at an inspiring children’s book illustrated in pen and ink

In this episode of the CMP, I finally go and locate Who Needs Donuts by Mark Alan Stamaty on the shelves. The book has been on my mind for some reason, and the “on my mind” vibe got so strong that I finally went to search for it. This isn’t a book I knew as a child, and it isn’t a book I knew about when my kids were younger. This was gifted to me (and them) several years ago, and I love it. I remember so clearly being so blown away by the illustration back when I first saw it.

Luckily, I was able to find it on the shelves in the boys’ room. I know a lot more about pen and ink (maybe) now than I did a few years ago, but once again, I was blown away by Stamaty’s pen and ink, by the amazing level of detail in the pages, the backgrounds that overflowing with information and alive with story, and, always, the patterns on clothing, on buildings, and throughout the city scenes.

After deciding to talk about this book, I located several interviews with Stamaty and information about two other books that you might want to check out, too. There are a bunch of links below.

This book is an unusual story, but the illustration is amazing, and there’s a lot to take in here about what’s important.

In the draw along section, I drew a box of donuts…. it seemed appropriate!

Two images from Who Needs Donuts by Mark Alan Stamaty:

From Who Needs Donuts


From Who Needs Donuts


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