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What to Draw (428)

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Episode 428: What to Draw

Episode 428 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — overthinking and how to choose what to draw

In this episode of the CMP, the choosing of what to draw shouldn’t be something that takes all of your time. But for some of us, choosing can be a time sink. It’s easy to overthink. It’s easy to keep scrolling and looking and searching for the perfect muse, the perfect photo to draw. Would it be better for you and your creative life if you could simplify the choosing?

In this episode, some talk about the overthinking process and some suggestions for systems you can use to help you simplify and streamline your choosing even without planning every drawing upfront. It works for some people to have the “what to draw” provided or selected by someone else. But that doesn’t work for everyone. If you like to do your own choosing but end up bogged down by the process, there are steps you can take to create smaller pools from which to choose. These smaller pools can really help with your selection process. Having taken the time to set up these pools, you already know that everything in the pool is something you’d “like” to draw. I’ve got a few other ways to gamify the process in the podcast, too. It’s ultimately all about making the choosing part easier so that you can get on with the drawing.

It was a bit ironic that I checked out and started listening to Anne Bogel’s Don’t Overthink It right before I recorded. This show wasn’t informed by that book. I had already seen the conversation about choosing a daily muse, but I will be interested to see if I hear/read anything in Bogel’s book that might influence my overthinking (for the better) when it comes to selecting what I draw each night. I typically know that I will only draw one thing in my day, and I want it to count. I want it to have personal meaning. I want to reach the end and be satisfied and fulfilled by having spent time drawing (rather than doing something else). What I don’t want to do is finish and feel like I have wasted the time.

If you haven’t read Anne’s book, you might want to check it out if you, too, are prone to overthinking. I only heard a bit of the beginning, but I definitely heard my own tendency to overthink and get locked in a cycle of overthinking about even small decisions reflected in her words.


#IllustrateYourWeek in November and December

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