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A Gratitude Mindset (429)

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Episode 429: Gratitude Mindset

Episode 429 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a gratitude mindset for November

In this episode of the CMP, it’s November! Around here, that means this is a month focused on themes of light, memory, reflection, seeing, and gratitude. That’s especially been the case since 2016 when this gratitude episode took me by surprise. Somehow, that show stands as a pivot of sorts and a philosophical shift.

In 2016, I did a daily gratitude project in November. I followed that in 2017 with the Spark series, one of my favorite series ever. Then in 2018, I repeated the daily gratitude project with a different set of themed drawings and Diamine Red Dragon ink. (At the time, I wasn’t sure about the ink. Now, I love it.)

This November, I’m not sure that I’ll be doing a daily gratitude drawing project. I would like to. But most of November 1 passed with me working on the podcast, a video, and #illustrateyourweek. The heart is willing, but the mind seems to be really caught up in the illustrated journaling. So, I’m admitting tonight that it’s unlikely I’ll fish out a giant set of bristol board and start a new multi-day drawing. But I do hope to weave gratitude into the illustrated journal, and that may have to be enough. (One of the other possible focus sets I considered is ornaments. I can really see doing that. The ornaments are still stored away though. Maybe I’ll just revisit this idea in December. I do think a series this year may make sense.)

Ultimately, today’s show is a reminder that November is full of potential and possibility. I hope you make it a month of gratitude. Whether that means a daily project, or writing daily gratitudes in your sketchbook, journal, or planner, or integration gratitude in your illustrated journal, I hope you find a way to embrace gratitude as a guiding principle and premise and work it into your creative projects and routines, too, either with a daily project or with a gratitude list in your journal or sketchbook. Even one a day can be transformative and powerful. Most of us know we should spend more time thinking about gratitude all year long. But it isn’t always that easy. It isn’t always a habit and an approach that we keep front and center, even though we might hope to. So this November, pull your gratitude out. Dust it off. Shine it up a bit. And let gratitude be your November lens.

#IllustrateYourWeek in November and December

I will be doing #illustrateyourweek in November and December and posting prompts and nudges at Instagram. You will find more information (explanation, strategy, approach, and more) about the first set of prompts and the week 1 scavenger list at Instagram.

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