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Day by Day (431)

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Episode 431 Day By Day

Episode 431 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Day by day and the value of the illustrated journal

A Sunday show, the casual, let’s sit in our jammies with our legs tucked up under us on the couch or in our favorite chair and a cup of coffee cradled in our hands while we talk, while we scan headlines, while we browse inspiring art in our favorite places kind of show. Let’s move slowly into the day and just stretch out, languidly, like a cat in a beam of sunlight on the kitchen floor.

It’s that kind of show, unplanned and casual. I wanted to share a bit about how the first week of #illustrateyourweek in November went and how glad I was to have the prompts, especially the “scavenger” list of mix-ins. They gave me a bit of extra scaffolding each night, helping me find something to draw or record at times when I wanted to draw and didn’t know what to draw next. It was a long week in the US due to the 2020 elections, and working in my journal at night was really grounding, really mindful, and a project I am so glad I had waiting at the end of each day.

The second half of this short show is a reminder to reach out to others, to check in, and to assume positive intent. 2020 is a year that may need a bit of extra leeway.

#IllustrateYourWeek in November and December

I will be doing #illustrateyourweek in November and December and posting prompts and nudges at Instagram. You will find more information (explanation, strategy, approach, and more) at Instagram.

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Mentioned in this Episode (or Related)


ROYGBIV Supplies

I didn’t mention it in this episode, but I have this sort of whimsical ROYGBIV Supplies series in progress, a series of color-themed posts highlighting tools and supplies. You’ll find pens, pencils, bags, blank books, and more in each color. It’s all for fun, and I hope you enjoy just seeing the colors. Maybe you are someone that likes to start out each year with a new color and some new tools and supplies all matched up. If that’s you, then you’re going to love this series. It has been a lot of fun to browse and curate these color-themed collections this week. I’ll be posting the colors separately, every day or so. The first one is live:

(Red isn’t my color right now. But I thought I’d keep it simple and work through the ROYGBIV in order. I’ve got a few other colors planned, too. What’s your color?)


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