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Holiday Project (432)

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Episode 432 Holiday Project

Episode 432 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a holiday knitting project, five things, and some light

There was a time gap in between recording this (before Thanksgiving) and getting it out (after Thanksgiving). All I can say is I have spent far too long researching a simple piece of equipment and watching Thanksgiving-week deals.

In this episode, 5 things…. it’s a long show. First up is the saga of the  My Favorite Things Cowl (or the “Toybox Cowl,” as I call it). I recorded before I started, and I have now started. So this project is underway.

The ROYGBIV Supplies series I talk about is described more fully below.

The book is Playing with Sketches: 50 Creative Exercises for Designers and Artists, by Whitney Sherman. I liked a lot of the examples in this book. I was able to check this out on Hoopla through the library. I’m sure it’s a different experience to see it in person, but I did find the mix of prompts to be good and the samples/examples really nice. (Reading from back to front made me like this book more than I thought I did when I’d started from the front. I guess that means I liked the mix of prompts in the back best. The one that caught my attention most involved drawing magazine covers.) Note: this is a 2013 title, possibly out of print. Check your library.

#IllustrateYourWeek in November and December

I will be doing #illustrateyourweek in November and December and posting prompts and nudges at Instagram. You will find more information (explanation, strategy, approach, and more) at Instagram.

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Mentioned in this Episode (or Related)

ROYGBIV Supplies

I have this sort of whimsical ROYGBIV Supplies series in progress, a series of color-themed posts highlighting tools and supplies. You’ll find pens, pencils, bags, blank books, and more in each color. It’s all for fun, and I hope you enjoy just seeing the colors. Maybe you are someone that likes to start out each year with a new color and some new tools and supplies all matched up. If that’s you, then you’re going to love this series. It has been a lot of fun to browse and curate these color-themed collections this week. I’ll be posting the colors separately, every day or so. Links to the individual color-themed pages are in the list above.


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