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ROYGBIV Supplies – Red

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ROYGBIV Suupplies - RED

I have been doing lots of browsing online, and I love looking to see what’s available and what might really make my wish list (for my family). In that process, I have seen so many cool pens, and pencils, and art tools, and blank books.

As I went off on a tangent of my own sparked by one of this year’s colors of Hobonichi Techo Weeks, I thought it might be fun to group together some colorful sets for your own musing.

If nothing else, this is a fun set of eye-candy and a little bit of virtual window shopping during a year in which window shopping might not even really be a thing.

What’s your color? Maybe you start each year with a new color that hinges on a key item, like a special pen or your planner. Or maybe you have a favorite and always stick with it. I may wear mostly black, but I do love looking at color in “things.”

There are definitely some other colors and shades to consider, but the rainbow will give us a good start. I’m going to post single color collections, one every day or so, just for fun.

Here we go with red.

Others in this series (so far): orange, yellow, green, blue

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Red Creative Tools and Accessories





The ROYGBIV Series

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