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Tree in the Window (433)

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Episode 433 Tree in the Window

Episode 433 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — a tree in the window and thoughts on the virtues of slow

I had a real dejavu moment with this show. I knew I hadn’t recorded about the junk jewelry tree I saw last year, but I thought I had made some notes, made a social post, or something similar. Oddly, I can find no trace of any of that. I know I spent time looking at examples online. It’s as if it was a dream.

The tree in the window talked about in this show was a “vintage jewelry” or “junk jewelry” tree. I(You’ll also see them called “junk jewelry topiaries.”) It made such an impression on me last year when I saw it in an antique store during an tiny little sliver of unplanned wander.

I was so taken with the tree (and I saw two of them in that store), and I was determined to make one. I had first really looked in that window for a snow globe, and there was one. But the tree won me over.

Making one is something I still want to do. I didn’t sort out how to amass enough junk jewelry to really “do” it last year though, and now 2020 has passed, and I never did even start the process. (2020 did that to all of us in many ways, I know.)

The second half of this show veers off into the land of slow. This isn’t a polished treatise on slow. It’s not an excuse for anything. In many cases, I can’t stand things/situations that are slow. But I am also recognizing the opposite is true. A specific video triggered this discussion. The video was more about increasing listening speeds for audio books and podcasts. I know people do that. But I hope you don’t really listen to me at 3X. The sound is so different at 2+X! But as I thought about the video I was watching, I realized that it made me antsy just seeing this “speed everything up so you can take in more and more and more” approach.

Somehow, that made me anxious just watching it.

I seem to talk more and more often about slow. It’s a discussion in process and in progress. It’s a rough draft of a life being lived. It is what it is.

I might talk really fast next week.

3 things you’ll only know if you see these notes:

  1. I am crocheting super cute Christmas ornaments this week. The video for those was a wonderful and beautiful example of someone taking their time. I found it a perfect antidote and counter to the speed up the world moment.
  2. I am loving exploring a new app. That’s always exciting. I have been loyal to Evernote for years and years, and I’ve integrated Trello into my workflow. It feels a bit odd to be exploring something new – but also exciting.
  3. I think it’s time to start watching a holiday movie or two. We’re almost through Schitt’s Creek during our regular TV watching. I didn’t want to watch it (because I’m not big on sitcom shows), and I’ve loved it. I’m glad we tried it.

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