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ROYGBIV Supplies – Violet

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ROYGBIV Supplies Violet

Violet – The ‘V’ in the Rainbow

What’s your color? Maybe you start each year with a new color that hinges on a key item, like a special pen or your planner. Or maybe you have a favorite and always stick with it. I may wear mostly black, but I do love looking at color in “things.”

If you love to pull together a few staples in a color range or on a color theme, this curated, colorful series is for you!

This color-coded, rainbow-themed, whimsical series started with Red and then Orange and then Yellow and then Green and then Blue and then Indigo (a bit murky, but dark).

Here we go with Violet. (Like indigo, how you interpret violet may vary. You might view it simply as purple, or maybe you view it as something more vibrant, along the lines of magenta. In breaking things down for this color-themed set, I’m going with both purply shades and magenta shades. You get the general “purple” feel either way.)

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Violet Creative Tools and Accessories






What’s This?

I have been doing lots of browsing online, and I love looking to see what’s available and what might really make my wish list (for my family). In that process, I have seen so many cool pens, and pencils, and art tools, and blank books.

As I went off on a tangent of my own sparked by one of this year’s colors of Hobonichi Techo Weeks, I thought it might be fun to group together some colorful sets for your own musing.

If nothing else, this is a fun set of eye-candy and a little bit of virtual window shopping during a year in which window shopping might not even really be a thing.

There are definitely some other colors and shades to consider, but the rainbow will give us a good start. I’m going to post single color collections, one every day or so, just for fun.


The ROYGBIV Series

(Consider these jumping-off points. At the time of me linking these things, they were all reasonable, but prices do change. Use common sense when viewing!)

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