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Timelapse – Ink It Later! + Unusual Moleskines!

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Ink it Later

An Illustrated Journal / Portrait Drawing Time-lapse and Some Thoughts on Approaching Inkinking in Ways that Work for You

I am still trying to sort out ways to change my ability to record video (actually showing “me”) and record timelapse. I’ve got some limitations and practical things to work around, but I am still hoping to fully test this idea. (Tune in to Episode 430: Start Where You Are for some thoughts on the importance of diving in… even when you don’t have the perfect space, setup, equipment, tools, face!)

While I work things out, I am still experimenting with timelapse using what I already have and free software. I am still picking up skills in terms of making this work. Adding audio to these short timelapse videos combines the podcast talk (the way I’ve been doing it for more than 14 years) and some drawing you can see in ways I love. There is potential here! It’s harder to make this work than it seems, but I keep pushing at it.

I appreciate you watching and listening even as I work on making these better. It would help me a lot if you would subscribe (free) at YouTube. Really!

Cool Gift Picks, Wishlist Ideas, and Creative Tools

In my ROYGBIV Supplies browsing, I ran across last year’s Alice and Wonderland-themed Moleskine series, which is really sweet. I noticed today that thereĀ is a 2021 series. I already have a planner picked for 2021 (a gift). If I didn’t, I would definitely be tempted by this cool series. I’m still tempted by the red “lucky cats” one anyway (and maybe the gray rabbit) because, really, you could use the pages as a notebook regardless of the printed dates.

There are also a number of themed non-dated ones, if the colors, movies, books, or pop culture references match your fancy. I saw examples for Alice in Wonderland, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Zelda, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, and more!


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