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Hello, 2021 (435)

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Episode 435 Hello 2021

Episode 435 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Hello, 2021, a creative new year, and a look back at the 60 shows of 2020

This episode ended up an unplanned standalone. I had some technical problems with the recording, and I didn’t realize until I had finished. (Always the worst!). I already knew the show might be much, much too long. So, these opening notes ended up standing alone, the hopes and wishes for a new year threaded and woven with the farewell poem found in the show titles from the sixty episodes of the Creativity Matters Podcast in 2020.

I didn’t ever really think about “not” doing the CMP in 2020. But there was some degree of pause, a holding of breath maybe, early on when my space, timing, and “access” to my own room with a door completely changed. With the rug pulled out from under me, and the couch my new home, I can see, looking back, that the CMP might really not have happened last year. I am glad it did. I am glad that the tissue boxes worked. I never did buy anything or replace anything, but I gradually settled into a setup and a system of Saturday and Sunday morning recording. That there were 60 shows…. says a lot. Thank you for listening.

In this episode, some start where you are reminders. I had a really disappointing experience with an ink-filling video I recorded last month. I had planned to do that one and then a new one for the new year to show off some inks. I think the first one is destined for the trash folder, and I finally gave in and filled inks this week. But, I learned a few things. I may have just learned what I can’t do at this point. But, we’ll see.

#IllustrateYourWeek 2021

I will be continuing #illustrateyourweek in 2021. For January, I have posted a simplified set of prompts. This set combines the daily prompts and scavenger list into one free-form list you can use however you choose. You will find more information (explanation, strategy, approach, and more) at Instagram.

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