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CreativeBug Classes to Try

Amy Featured

What do you want to make, create, or practice?

CreativeBug has a really good deal right now – 5 months for $5. They have good deals come through all the time, but this one seems particularly awesome.

I made a big list a year a while back of some of the CreativeBug classes that people who listen to the CMP might be particularly interested in. You can catch that list here.

I have been super¬†impressed with the classes I’ve watched. I think they are very well done, really engaging, and accessible. Even the “daily”-type classes are easy to binge-watch, and even though the world is improving, I know there is still a place in our days for TV and video watching as the pandemic continues to curtail our movements.

For me, the video format makes it more fun to watch and work through a class compared to simply looking at a book or working on a similar challenge alone.

Note: I don’t know how long this deal will last. The list here on my site will stay up even after this special pricing goes away. So be sure and look carefully at whatever pricing is available when you click through.

Creative Classes for 2021

I won’t repeat all of the other ones I listed before, although there are some awesome picks there. Be sure and check that list. Here are 11 new picks for today for classes that caught my attention. I haven’t taken these, but these are ones you might look into:

  1. Concept Sketchbook: A Daily Practice
  2. Doodle and Paint an Animal Portrait
  3. Illustrate in Procreate
  4. Everyday Sketching: 31 Still Life Prompts with Jon Stich
  5. Personal Map Making – A Daily Mixed Media Practice
  6. Daily Observations: Drawing Objects from Life
  7. Color Meditation Daily Practice
  8. Intuitive Mark Making
  9. Make Art Where You Are: A Daily Practice with Courtney Cerruti (book | Episode 419)
  10. Working In Acrylic Ink: A Daily Sketchbook Practice with Missy Dunaway
  11. Watercolor Workshop: A Daily Practice with Sasha Prood

(Note: The links above are affiliate links for CreativeBug. I make a small bonus if someone actually signs up for CreativeBug.)

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