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When You Want to Quit (440)

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440 Say No to the Urge to Quit

Episode 440 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — when you wake up and think about quitting but go ahead and make a mark (literal or metaphoric) anyway…. you are stronger than you think!

Some days, you wake up with one overwhelming thought – it’s time to quit.

What I find interesting on those days is that even if you think that, your creative routine, your habit, may kick in. You might find yourself doing exactly what you woke up planning to quit, almost in spite of yourself.

Don’t second-guess this episode. In the end, it doesn’t come across quite as I intended. As I generalized, things got a little murky. It wasn’t really initially about small projects. In reality, I think it is okay to quit projects. I think it is okay to decide after trying something that it isn’t for you. And I think big projects often really do have a life cycle, a life span, a time, a place, and a season.

But some days, you wake up, and you think it’s time to quit, and the reasons are murky or are coming from outside of you or are rising to the top for the wrong reasons. On those days, I often find that quiet resistance, sticking with the habit, and pushing forward while you give yourself time to think and settle is a smarter approach.

Don’t quit rashly.

There are several books mentioned in this show…. In using up some credit last month, I followed a lot of reviews, feedback, and reading trails looking for a few titles I might really want to sink into. Several fairytale retellings were on my radar, and in looking for information about those, I found readers suggesting others in a similar vein. One of the ones I found that way is one that I really enjoyed the sample of. I’ll be reading all of these at some point: Uprooted, Spinning Silver, Bear and the Nightingale (and the others in the series). The 16-book series I started is the Realm of the Elderlings, which begins with the Farseer Trilogy. It’s by Robin Hobb, and I’m really enjoying the first book and happy knowing that there many, many months ahead of me with this series.


  1. Did you see that the new Diamine ink voted into existence by the Reddit community is called Writer’s Blood? That’s so cool. It’s probably a bit on the dark side for my current short list. I’m still coveting magentas and am going to have to get a bottle or something soon, and a mint to go along with it. I thought that sample some would help me choose, but I’m still not sure what the answer really is in each color for me. Dip pen may have confused things just a bit, so I’m being patient.
  2. We played Exit: The Pharaoh’s Tomb this week. It’s our third Exit game, and this was my favorite so far. Next up for our Spring Break and birthday splurge are The Sinister Mansion and Dead Man on The Orient Express.
  3. I’ve been watching Ginny and Georgia (Netflix) late at night (after an episode or two of communal watching of The Mentalist, which I am loving). Ginny and Georgia…. I really love the accent!
  4. I finished book 1 of The Farseer Trilogy, and I am so hooked, so very hooked.
  5. People change. I’ve never ever been a Reddit person, but I found a community where I can answer questions, and I’m enjoying it. I really love the challenge of figuring out a solution to someone’s problem with software!

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