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Summer Series + Index Cards and ICAD (445)

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Episode 445 ICAD

Episode 445 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — summer art, summer series, tips for the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge (ICAD), and starter ideas for thinking about doing art in a series.

This episode focuses on the challenge of doing a daily art challenge of x length and the idea of creating work in a series. The Index-Card-a-Day Challenge run by Daisy Yellow happens in June and July. At 61 days, this challenge falls midway between other popular challenges like the 100 Day Project and 30- or 31-day challenges like Inktober.

It feels like just yesterday that I climbed a set of stairs, afraid the wind would knock me down, and first spotted the Ferris wheel in the distance. I don’t know how a year has already passed, how it can possibly be a year since I was debating ordering some lemon curd for my birthday and trying to plan a day that wouldn’t be a massive disappointment after the buildup of the 50 Before 50 year. I am winding down my 2nd year of weekly self-portraits, which has been an interesting process. I just finished my 100 Day Project using dip pen and circles. And I am approaching a week of very consistent #illustrateyourweek prompts and work in my illustrated journal. So, here comes ICAD.

Deciding what to do has me a bit puzzled. But I spent some time looking back at prior years. And then I made a list of things I have been contemplating for a possible series.

And then I made a list of 50 things you might consider for a series, whether for ICAD or any other creative challenge — or just for a personal series. (Not everything you do has to be part of a named challenge!)

In this episode, 10-ish examples from the list of 50 starter ideas for working in a series, and 10 tips for thinking about and doing the annual Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. I’ve listed some of the materials I’ve used for ICAD on this page, too.

I will be sharing more about tracking a challenge like ICAD using Notion, an online database tool. In the interim, I do have a few drawing-focused videos about using Notion. (I am still really new at making videos, but there’s a lot of information here that you might enjoy!)


  1. I am in book 4 of the Realm of the Elderlings books by Robin Hobb, and this book is so much different that I am struggling to really get hooked. I haven’t given up, but I really miss the all-in feeling I had of being so wrapped up in the Farseer Trilogy.
  2. I am still trying to understand my response to the “feedback” of a nib, which is how people describe 2 of the 3 pens I have been considering.
  3. Among other things that I have checked out, I am listening to the Midnight Library.
  4. My two favorite groups to scroll at Facebook right now involve pen and ink and SF/fantasy. The pen and ink group keeps me constantly in awe of how many pens and bottles of ink some people have. I love seeing all the images and ink samples though!
  5. I finished the 100 Day Project and immediately drew a whole page of circles to fill last week. But this week, a shift happened without any planning, and the portraits are free floating on the page, very unapologetically so!

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