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Index Card Art Series Portraits – ICAD FlipThrough

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Looking back at ICAD 2013-2020 – Summer Series on Index Card

After putting together Episode 445, my own updated ICAD retrospective, and a list of possible series for this summer’s index card art challenge, I pulled out a few card sets and decided to do a flip-through. Once I decided to try that, I went hunting for the boxes of index cards from prior years. I found most of what I was seeking.

So, I did a walkthrough of series from 2013-2020, in reverse order. As I looked through the cards, each year with its own unifying thread and, in some cases, focus on a specific medium, I could see the changes through the years. (I was surprised to see how disorganized one of the early years was in terms of a consistent series. In my head, the “teddies” year was a year of teddies, chairs, and windows, but the flip-through reminded me that there was a whole lot of bouncing around. Even so,  it was still a productive year.)

Looking back at cards from years past really helped nudge me in my thinking about this year. There is always value in looking back. For a related discussion, check out the older Scroll Your Feed (362) episode.

I hope you enjoy this flip-through.

Index Cards, Plastic Boxes, and Indispensible Clipboard

Pushing at Video

In terms of the YouTube After 50 process, this video, again, had plenty of learning curve. Its length, alone, was a challenge for my tools. But beyond that, I discovered a few quirks in the free video editor I’ve been using. Those quirks caused quite a bit of trouble late in the process, trouble that wasn’t immediately obvious. Luckily, I have learned that I really do need to carefully watch every export to make sure everything is okay. Because I spotted problems, after spending many hours working on piecing together the audio and video, I ended up exporting the file three times, and each time took almost two hours. I also, unfortunately, ended up with much of the 2016 cards off-screen, and the 2013-2015 box, which I didn’t really pull out anyway, was totally off-screen. All in all, still a success. Lessons learned.

The arm warmers? Another pair knitted by my mom. I love the colors in this pair!

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