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Fifteen Years of CMP (446)

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Episode 446 Fifteen Years

Episode 446 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — looking back on 15 years of the podcast…. where I started…. and woosh…. here we are 15 years later

This episode is long. It’s L.O.N.G. It’s also an anniversary episode. The first episode of the CMP was June 4, 2006. That’s 15 full years ago. When the reality of that hit me, I couldn’t let the milestone pass without a bit of reflection and retrospective looking at what was going on in those early episodes.

Creative Mom Podcast. Creative Milk. Creativity Matters. Creative Margins. Creative Mind. Creative Me.

Creative Mom Podcast. Creative Milk. Creativity Matters. Creative Margins. Creative Mind. Creative Me.

Creative Mom Podcast. Creative Milk. Creativity Matters. Creative Margins. Creative Mind. Creative Me.

There is a long 20-minute-ish ramp up into the show and the current mindset as I reflect on where I am “in this minute” with the CMP and a whole bunch of pick-up-sticks moments from the last few weeks related to the podcast, the podcast community, the podcast’s success (or lack thereof), the podcast’s website, and the future of the podcast. If that’s too much to slog through, you can jump ahead…. past 20 minutes.

There is a lot of retrospective and flashback sensibility in this “anniversary” show. There are some fun throwbacks to the early shows, including the old intro (which I love so much) with the boys’ voices, an excerpt from the first episode about knitting, the prompt from the first episode (even I was shocked when I realized I talked about that all the way back then in episode ONE), and more little details for the CMP fan.

A Podcast Sweater

Looking back at early show notes (even though the first 250 shows are no longer available for listening) made me curious about a reference to a “podcast sweater” I was knitting. Curiosity (and confusion) got the better of me and sent me digging around to find the actual show files. After some pre-dawn panic when I couldn’t find them, I did end up locating the first several hundred sets of episode notes.

Opening those notes up proved to be a huge rabbit hole but also incredibly surreal. I had forgotten that I talked about many of the things I saw mentioned. I saw myself saying certain things in the first shows that I have continued to believe, say, and advocate through the years. It was already in place and in motion way back then. I was still me. I may not remember that me, but I hear in the words the overlaying of me on me. The same. Older now. Life has changed a bit. But the undercurrents are the same.

Some of the threads from Episode 446:

  • Living in the now / someday(s)
  • 2-point perspective
  • Your life in weeks
  • The Field of Dreams mentality
  • See #5 below…. because I’m tempted to list them all here in the show notes. Even I was struck by this as I recorded the show.
  • I think I can, I think I can
  • The CMP site will go down this summer while I sort out where/how to move it again
  • The search to find out what was the podcast sweater
  • Looking back at the show notes from early shows, June 2006 — all kinds of tidbits, from book authors to prompts, to artists dates, essays, self-portraits, and more
  • Trying to sort out my copies of the actual show notes are (the “writing folder”)
  • The “record a square about each day” prompt from Episode 1 (in Episode 1’s voice)
  • A paper football moment (from 2006) / the magic of the moment
  • The creative thread within us, that is and has always been the undercurrent of the CMP
  • I don’t know where I would be without the CMP

I hope you enjoy this show.

There is a montage show that I made for the 1-year anniversary of the show in 2007. I listened to it after I recorded this, and I can’t express how much I love it. I’m going to post that separately.

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  1. ICAD has started. I have been a bit torn about what I’m doing, how I will use color and pattern, and whether or not what I’m doing is too much “the same” as before. But I think I’m ready. (Learn more about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge.)
  2. Somehow, shifting my head to ICAD let me spontaneously fill my sketchbook page with a whole page of random notes, cartoons, and illustrations. Maybe all the portraits as part of #illustrateyourweek have actually tied me up more than I realized. I’ll be trying to manage “both” in coming days, but maybe it will be a good separation and pivot in the sketchbook.
  3. I have spent SOOOO much time looking at pens and pen videos recently and SOOOOO much time calling up ink swatch reviews (sometimes over and over) at Mountain of Ink (the BEST ink swatch site out there). Sometimes you are in a position to compare apples and oranges, and that’s really hard because you don’t really know what kind of a fruit person you are.
  4. A clarification about the /writer folder. As I listened back, I realized that it sounds like I “don’t write.” That isn’t the case. The difference is that back then, I was writing in Word and saving all my doc files in that folder. Once I switched to Evernote for writing (and clipping things from online), I stopped having the same local file trail. The writer in me felt obligated to explain that.
  5. There are a bunch of visual allusions in this show. This episode might be some over-the-top homage to visual comparisons. Which ones did you notice?
  6. The two videos I mentioned that I recently posted are ICAD Flip-Through and Copic and Fineliner Swatching. (I did decide to use Micron. It was probably a foregone conclusion, but I think I needed to work out the random pen testing to “get there” in  my head.)
    • Micron 10-pack (all the way up to a 12 if you need some massively bold outlines!)
    • Micron 8-pack (which includes the Pigma Graphic)
    • Micron 3-pack (great starter set for fine-to-medium)
    • Micron 005 (it’s really too fine for me!)
    • Micron 003
    • Micron 01 (the sweet spot for me)
    • Micron 03 (works when I can’t find the 01)
    • Micron 05 (too thick for me for drawing, but this is similar to a “medium” if that’s you)
    • Micron 08 (works great for thick outlines)

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