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Fifteen Years of the Creativity Matters Podcast – Magic (447)

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Episode 447 Magic 15 Years of CMP

Episode 447 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — looking back on 15 years of the podcast…. an anniversary/birthday show

This episode follows on the heels of Episode 446, also about this 15-year milestone. It feels like a pretty big one.

In an effort to get the show live on “the day” to mark the 15 years since I started the Creative Mom Podcast back in 2006, I will keep these notes short. There are extended notes that go along with 446, and those are definitely related to today.

I talk about the first and second birthday shows, Episodes 50 and 100. The idea in Episode 100 of doing 100 inchies to celebrate the shows definitely has resonance even today.

I do play a montage show of clips from 2006-2007 in the second half of this episode. (The audio quality is a bit lacking, I know. Hopefully, the cuteness/cleverness offsets that. I appreciate it for what it is.)

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Six Books that Played a Pivotal Role in the Last 15 Years

(Six of hundreds! It’s hard, but these five come to mind as important or much-loved.)


(Dear Data and Station Eleven should be there, too. But really, there are LOTS of books that should be there!)


  1. ICAD has started. Every day, I face a moment of indecision about background color. My gut instinct is to use all-black backgrounds and the bright rainbow palette for accents. I’ve done that before, and I love it. Every time I use a color other than black, I feel like black would have been best. But I started off with an unexpected Alice in Wonderland card and an unexpected background color (red), and so each day, I debate. We are 3 days in, and I like 2 out of 3 in terms of background color and overall palette, but I still think they would have been “better” black! Even so, overall, I am really enjoying the multi-faceted series I have underway. I added one element I didn’t plan on at all that showed up in the Alice and Wonderland card and stuck with me. (Learn more about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge.)
  2. Many people have asked me about the index cards I use. They are bright white and sturdy. They come in 3×5, 4×6, and 5×8 (not allowed in ICAD) and in packs of 100, 300, of even 1000. See the 4×6 listing for more information. (Other listings from the same vendor show up on this search results page.)
  3. At YouTube, there are two recent videos: ICAD Flip-Through and Copic and Fineliner Swatching.
  4. I am still using Notion every day to track my day and to track my art. If you have questions about Notion or ideas for videos you would like to see, please let me know!
  5. After doing the swatch video, I did decide to use Micron for my linework, same as last year. It was probably a foregone conclusion, but I think I needed to work out the random pen testing to “get there” in  my head. If you have never used Micron, I would say try 01, 03, and 05. If you draw exceptionally small, you may prefer 005 and 003.
    • Micron 10-pack (all the way up to a 12 if you need some massively bold outlines!)
    • Micron 8-pack (which includes the Pigma Graphic)
    • Micron 3-pack (great starter set for fine-to-medium)
    • Micron 005 (it’s really too fine for me!)
    • Micron 003
    • Micron 01 (the sweet spot for me)
    • Micron 03 (works when I can’t find the 01)
    • Micron 05 (too thick for me for drawing, but this is similar to a “medium” if that’s you)
    • Micron 08 (works great for thick outlines)
  6. I watched a bunch of videos on alcohol markers before ICAD started. I know there are many alternatives to Copic, and there are a number of videos about Ouhu alcohol markers. If you are looking to try alcohol markers, it seems that this is a good brand to consider. This is a 48-marker starter set or this smaller 24-marker set (if you order alcohol markers, be sure to pay attention to the tips; not all off-brands offer a brush tip, and some, like Ouhu, have some sets with brush and some without). (Note: They are not refillable the way Copic are, but at a fraction of the price, it may not matter. A skin-tone set is also available. There are many other sets in varying sizes, too.)
  7. I am already missing the time in my illustrated journal. Maybe it has just been a busier-than-usual week, but I am really missing working with fountain pen inks (in lots of yummy colors) and working in my journal each night.

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