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Octopus (Creativity Matters Podcast 448)

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Episode 448 Octopus

Episode 448 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — moving on from 15 years and a nod to another birthday

This episode follows on the heels of Episode 446 and Episode 447 (two CMP anniversary shows) to raise a mental flag as my birthday passes by again. The year leading to 50 was interwoven in episodes of the CMP and in a pair of illustrated journals that tracked my progress on my 50 Before 50 journal and the weekly self-portrait series.

The 50th happened during the pandemic, and although I planned to make a list for Year 50, it just never happened. I regretted it every single time I thought about the fact that I’d never made a list. In this episode, some talk about the power of the list and the unmoored feeling of not having a list. Some talk about making a list for Year 51 (before I am too far into it) and what that might look like or how it might work.

100 Things List

Plus, another kind of list…. a “100 Things about Me” list. This list is multi-headed and will unfold differently at different times, different times of day, different weeks, and so on. It’s a list that can be built over days, but the more you do all at once, the more you can appreciate the flow and the way the memories burst free to occupy a space on the list. These lists are fascinating to make. I encourage you to try it.

You’ll also find thrown in here some keyboad talk (loving the rainbow lights on my keyboard), some octopus and kaleidoscope talk, some crows, and more. Ultimately, it’s the CMP.

Show Flow/Timestamps

00:00 Intro talk and keyboards

09:00 Invitation

09:35 Station Eleven/Octopus

11:53: Words

13:21 Keyboard RGB

16:22 Key wasn’t designed for the door

16:40 CMP Anniversary aftermath

17:27 Birthday show and self-portraits

19:19 2 years since 50 Before 50 List started

21:21 A year passed without a list – unmoored

22:36 Mentality of a “year list” – a process of living with intention and intentionality

22:39 List for the new year

24:47 A flip-through video

26:04 Crows

27:15 Birthday list (earlier show about a list for the day)

32:32 100 Things List

Note: I wondered after I recorded this if I am wrong about the “octopus” in Station Eleven. I know her graphic novel had an underwater theme, and somehow in my head, there is an octopus. But I started thinking maybe that’s not quite right. I spent time searching online, and I see some mentions of her and her graphic novel, but I wasn’t able to confirm there is, in fact, an octopus. Eventually, I’ll read it yet again. But if you heard this and thought that doesn’t seem right, I wanted to mention that it might not be right. Sometimes things lodge in our head and grow of their own accord.

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Six Books that Played a Pivotal Role in the Last 15 Years

(Six of hundreds! It’s hard, but these five come to mind as important or much-loved.)


(Dear Data and Station Eleven should be there, too. But really, there are LOTS of books that should be there!)


  1. The keyboard I mentioned is the Royal Kludge RK68. (It’s not as small as a 60%, but it’s much smaller than a TKL or full-size keyboard.)
  2. I tried a new sketchbook this week, and I’m beyond disappointed. I think now that I need to just stay with the one I was using forever, but I also wonder if this means the bigger version might be worth trying.
  3. I spent a lot of time looking at purple inks recently, and I have a few I am trying and a few others I want to pick up over the next year to round this out. I’m still not totally sure how purple will mix into my journal work. But, it’s a bee in my brain right now.
  4. I have been reading on a Kindle for the first time ever, and it’s such a strange transition for me after reading on my phone for years.
  5. I sometimes hold a drawing group on the weekends for an hour. It’s casual and relatively small. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out and let me know.

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