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Prime Day 2021 and Amazon Finds

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Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Services

General Amazon offers for Amazon services:

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is June 20 and 21, 2021. 

For Amazon Prime account members, there will be lots of great deals. It’s sort of like “Black Friday” shopping in June – but it does require an Amazon Prime account.

The deals will go fast and will appear throughout the day. There are several things I am going to be watching for this year. I might actually give in and spring for a Kindle Paperwhite (I currently use the app on my phone). Insider reports have suggested there will be a good deal on Prime Day! (That’s good because that’s what my Mom asked for her birthday.)

I currently use the Kindle app on my phone, and that is convenient since I end up sleeping on it. But it might really be nice to try the Kindle device. It’s super small now – smaller than I realized. It comes in at about 4.5 x 6.5 …. just barely bigger than my index cards for ICAD!

I’ve also got my eye on a specific 65% mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboards

I’ve watched about a 1,000 videos (some of them more than once) as I’ve done a deep-dive into mechanical keyboards and specifically 60% and 65% ones. Betty from Switch and Click (YouTube) has become my virtual bestie in this process. I just leave her on in the background now. I find her perfect to listen to. The basic mechanical keyboard I have decided to try is already inexpensive, about half of the Ducky keyboard I also considered, but it still might wind up on sale on Prime Day. Who knows! (Verdict is still out on which switch I really want, despite all the video watching. But if I get my feet wet with the wireless Kludge (65%), the choices are super limited, and brown it will be! (After writing this, I ended up testing switches, and brown surprised me. I’m not really sure how it will feel on a keyboard, and I have to admit, I liked the sound of some of the clicky ones, but I know from my son’s keyboard that clicky can be really obnoxious! Whether or not brown has enough feedback to make them feel like a good replacement for my basic laptop keyboard remains to be seen.)

Why not a 60%? I really do need the arrow keys. I am still not sure how not having the FN keys will be. I use one of them frequently. But I do need the arrows.)  [[Limited: the 60% wired Kludge is currently on a deal! See you have to keep your eyes open.]]

Prime Day Watching?

Someone asked me last week…. will the ink you asked for possibly go on sale for Prime Day? And no….. probably not.

I never expect the inks, sketchbooks, and pens I use to be candidates for sales like these, but it sometimes does happen. Gearing up for this year’s event, Amazon has offered incentives to buy from small businesses, and in some cases, the quirky supply, material, blank book you like might, in fact, be from a small business. So keep your eyes open.

Prime Day (June 21, 2021) Deals (prices may and will change):

DEALS EXPIRED / Pre-Prime Day, here are a few deals (ending before Prime Day) that are worth checking into for creatives:



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