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Prime Day Deals for Artists

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Prime Day Deals!

Amazon Prime Day is June 21 and 22, 2021!

Prime Day is here! I was looking forward to it because I know there that for Amazon Prime account members, there will be lots of great deals during these two days. It’s sort of like “Black Friday” shopping in June – but it does require an Amazon Prime account.

I shared some early deals last week, and some of the things I was watching for (Kindle Paperwhite and a specific mechanical keyboard) both did end up on sale. (There are so many mechanical keyboards and keycap sets on sale today that it’s been crazy. I’m hoping all my research paid off on this one, but there are tons of good options for a starter hot-swappable board.) There are lots of good deals out there today! The coffee I drink every day is $5 less a box today. That’s a steal!

Here are some of the “creative” tools and supplies deals you might be interested in.

Prime Day (June 21, 2021) Deals (prices may and will change):

Ohuhu (an alternative to Copic alcohol markers)



General Amazon offers for Amazon services:

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