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Pick One (Creativity Matters Podcast 451)

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Episode 451: Pick and Choose

Episode 451 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — thoughts on how we pick and choose and what happens when we just “pick one” for our illustrated journals and sketchbooks + a pair of illustrated travel journals about Japan

(Episode 451 – Pick and Choose or Pick Just One)

Nothing to worry about over over-read in this show…. the simple reality is that “yes” or “no” (happy face or sad face) questions often fall short. So many things can’t be answered easily with such a concrete response!

In this show, bits and pieces (as in all shows!)….

  • The (not so) clever delivery of groceries
  • Ukulele, again (back at it)
  • First visit to an open library and little book “bundles” (wrapped up like gift towers)
  • A season for rekindling, restarting, and reconnecting
  • The ways we lose concrete edges (and dates) in our illustrated journaling (we should try not to!)
  • How we pick and choose what to record – and why sometimes the “most important thing” ends up missing
  • More on the “brain dump” list train of thought from Episode 450
  • A pair of travel journals from artists who spent time in Japan – very different styles and approaches
  • Beautiful illustrated maps (ooh la la!)

The Books – Travel Sketchbooks about Japan

The three titles mentioned in this episode are:

Two titles talked about in long-ago shows that you might also enjoy:

A few I haven’t seen (yet) but noticed in pulling these links. Your mileage may vary!


Tokyo on foot cover     Tokyo book cover     Book cover     Tokyo Teen cover     Diary cover     A year in Japan cover



  1. I am in book 6 now in the Realm of the Elderlings series (by Robin Hobb)
  2. I am listening to The Last, by Hanna Jameson, which I heard mentioned on an episode of What Should I Read Next
  3. I am watching Marco Polo – and really enjoying it
  4. I drew an ornament yesterday during a Patreon podcast draw-along recording, and it felt like an odd choice but also delightfully off-season
  5. Plain yogurt with peanut butter and a spoonful of strawberry jelly will give you the oddest PB&J sensation
  6. We are now in Week 35 of 2021…. so Week 35 in my illustrated journal for #illustrateyourweek

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