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Gratitude Cup (Creativity Matters Podcast 455)

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Episode 455

Episode 455 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Gratitude Cup

This is not a new show.

This show was lost in an unplanned/spontaneous transition of the site, one I am already regretting. Someone asked what else I could have done, as I instantly regretted the expense (and the anxiety already that knowing that in 3 years I have to do this again or be billed a crazy amount for another 3 years). “Stop?”

That was my response. Stop.

But I’d already pressed “buy now.”

And then I realized I had created a site avalanche, a disaster I didn’t expect.

There are other casualties, but the show notes for Episode 455 on gratitude are the most recent thing missing. I don’t have a copy of them. At its core, this is a show about gratitude, gratitude mindset, and my own struggle with gratitude, a gradual transition from embarrassment to embrace in the time between the spark series. (You might also catch Episode 454 if you haven’t already.)

There are suggestions in this show for starting and fitting in and practicing a gratitude mindset. There is also discussion of simplification and mindfulness. I didn’t plan on shifting to a “one cup” approach, and yet I have. Similarly, I am currently doing a challenge/project in which I’m wearing a specific dress for 100 days as part of another challenge. I didn’t fully explain this in the episode, but it is all related and tied together.


November is a reflective month and one in which I often spend a lot of time thinking about and recording gratitude. I discovered back in 2017 that this could be a transformative process for me. I encourage you to go back and listen to the Spark shows, if you haven’t already. That whole process started with this show (Episode 268) or maybe it was the year before with this show (Episode 205). But in 2017, I recorded a gratitude-focused podcast every day for the CMP. These shows ran through a separate feed and were also bundled into larger shows for the regular CMP feed. The first show was Spark 1. The Spark shows are available as individual shows or in batch compilations on the podcast page.


[Lost to the transition]

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