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Snow Globe (Creativity Matters Podcast 457)

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Episode 457 Snow Globe

Episode 457 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Snow Globes All Around

*** There are audio issues. Partly it is ambient street noise out the window, and partly it sounds like I’m having a microphone issue. I wish this show, more than any other, was perfect and soft and flawless, like snowflakes falling. Sadly, it has some issues and far too much traffic passing by!

Episode 457 is full of snow globe talk. What would be in a snow globe for you? If you could pick the scene, the moment, the stack of memories to layer into the snow globe, what would they be?

Flashback moments from:

In this episode, a half hour of quiet talk and the idea of a snow globe. Plus,

  • Love the Coopers and Family Stone – Diane Keaton movies and a snow globe intro and vision
  • A story to be written (that came out of these notes and NaNoWriMo 2021)
  • What scene would be in your snow globe?
  • Quotes on snow and snow globes

There is irony in the fact that I mentioned looking into the windows of an antique store a few years ago and seeing a snow globe. I had forgotten that once we went in, I looked at it and held it and even took some photos. I ended up in front of that store today, completely by chance, and I again saw the vintage jewelry trees in the window. When I sat down to make the image for the episode tonight, I looked back through the photos, and there was a whole sequence of me holding the snow globe. Serendipity!

If you missed Episode 456, it has (near the end) a list of nudges for drawing, recording, documentation, and journaling in December.

2022 is coming, and I hope you will consider exploring illustrated journaling in the new year.



  • I am on Day 43 now of the 100 day dress challenge and don’t think I’ll ever look back.
  • I am aware the site is (still basically) broken. Sorry.
  • I am still loving the white lights – so much!
  • I am still planning to do an “embroidery journal” next year.
  • After listening to Becoming Mrs. Lewis (about Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis), I started Once Upon a Wardrobe. It is magical in the telling.
  • I would really like to be part of a bookclub next year. I so often add books that sound great to my “to read” list (or TBR), and I think, “I’d like to read that with others.”

Thank you for listening to the CMP. This is most likely the last show of 2021. I appreciate you listening.

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