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Mystery (Creativity Matters Podcast 458)

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Episode 458 Mystery

Episode 458 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — A Mysterious Delivery, Reading a Magical Book, Some New Year’s Reminders and Nudges for Keeping a Journal, and More

All of those things mentioned above! The book at the heart of this episode is The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. (My library has it, so yours might as well.)

This book arrived unexpectedly, with no note and no explanation. It was a mystery and, in its mysteriousness, it felt magical. I ended up reading the book on a specific day that made it seem even more magical. (I do now know who sent the book. But I’m glad that I had the span of time of “not knowing.” It gave me such a wonderful experience with this book. The book is lovely, charming, heartwarming, and wise. In talking about it, a few other books or authors came to mind for various reasons: The Giving Tree, The Little Prince, Winnie the Pooh, and books by Peter Reynolds. I probably should have included The Velveteen Rabbit.

There are soapbox moments in this episode about illustrated journals as well as a gentle nudge to help you get started if you are looking to start any kind of journal habit for the year.

If you are still considering choosing a “word for the year” or setting creative intentions and making creative goals, the linked resources may be helpful.


  • I am on Day 78 now of the 100 day dress challenge (from Wool&). Without a doubt, it’s been an important challenge for me. I’m SO glad I took this leap and journey. I have been chronicling my 100 separately @oamyoamy100.
  • I just completed week 28 (of year 51) of weekly self-portraits. I’m still glad I’m doing this.
  • I did start an “embroidery journal” for 2022. I’ve been sharing a weekly rundown (at Instagram) of the icons I’ve included at the end of each week. I’m loving the project and process.
  • Some people in the CMP group at Facebook decided to read The Authenticity Project (by Clare Pooley). (I finished today and found it thought-provoking in ways that extend beyond the story itself.) I can’t wait to see what other books we decide to read together.
  • #the100dayproject starts February 13. Start thinking!
  • I parked next to this ice cream truck last week when I sat at the ocean and worked on my embroidery and then the notes for this episode. I think this truck had a message for me.

Ice Cream Truck

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