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Stitch Journal 2 (Creativity Matters Podcast 460)

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Episode 460

Episode 460 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Continued discussion of the stitch journal embroidery project, choosing an icon a day, and similar approaches in a sketchbook or journal

This is the second half of the Stitch Journal discussion. The other half is in Episode 459. Today’s show talks about the process of choosing an icon each day, just something from the day and to represent the day. There is some talk (again) about Winnie the Pooh, about Harry Potter, and about the pink fog.

The process of picking an icon each day for this embroidery project is similar to several prompts I often include for #illustrateyourweek, like “a detail from each day” or “something that made you smile today.” I encourage you to try drawing an icon in your journal or planner each day. It’s a great way to practice your visual vocabulary for sketchnoting, too.

I mention one book in this show that contains icons, Journal with Purpose: Over 1000 motifs, alphabets and icons. The book is written for bullet journalers, but it can easily be used as inspiration for the embroidery project or for any kind of doodle art practice. Practicing drawing icons like these is excellent for helping build your visual vocabulary for use in your journal, sketchbook, or sketchnotes. The noun project is a really good resource, too, for icons and simple shapes. Some other books you might look at (or anything else your library has):

Beyond these, just Googling any or this thing “line drawing” or “icon” will often turn up plenty of options to help get you started.

These books are more abstract:

Other shows related to visual vocabulary and sketchnoting:


  • I am on Day 86 now of the 100-day dress challenge (from Wool&). The end of the official challenge is rapidly approaching, and I know deep down that I am not done with this journey. I might have only just begun. I have been chronicling my 100 separately @oamyoamy100.
  • I just completed week 29 (of year 51) of weekly self-portraits in my illustrated journal.
  • Some people in the CMP group at Facebook are reading The Authenticity Project (by Clare Pooley) together. I can’t wait to see what other books we decide to read together.
  • #the100dayproject starts February 13. I’m torn this year between thread and ink….but maybe there is a shape in my future…. last year’s circles and dip pen focus was really important for me and a huge stepping stone in my illustrated journal.

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