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Follow the Words (Creativity Matters Podcast 461)

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Episode 461 Follow Words

Episode 461 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Some thoughts on the 100 day project, finishing the 100 day dress challenge, and a series of inspiring quotes

This time, I’m going to read to you…. that’s right. In this episode, I read a series of quotes from my daily posts during the #100daydresschallenge (from Wool&).

But before the reading of the quotes, some general talk about the 100 day project (which started Feb 13, 2022). I did end up starting my own 100 day project on that day. When I recorded this show, I wasn’t totally sure about my plan, but I had some reminders and words of encouragement for you. (In the end, I went with what I’d been toying with. It’s a small thing…. smaller than I usually do. But it’s going well so far.)

Other shows and posts related to the 100 day project or to working in a series:


  • I completed the 100-day dress challenge (from Wool&). I haven’t stopped wearing my dress and haven’t stopped posting in my daily Instagram feed for the challenge. It’s given me a cozy space to document my days, think about light and light and the passing of time, and feel at home.
  • I just completed week 31 (of year 51) of weekly self-portraits in my illustrated journal.
  • There were two birthdays in my house this week. The little boys who were once an integral part of the CMP are now 21 and 18. It’s hard to believe. I drew portraits of both in my illustrated journal, a tradition I enjoy and wish I had started years ago.
  • Some people in the CMP group at Facebook are reading The Keeper of Lost Things together. We’ll be discussing this book (in the Facebook group) on Saturday, March 5. I’m listening to an audio copy and also reading a digital copy. There are several voices in the audio, which is a surprise and makes for really nice listening. Reading the digital version though is nice because the language in this book is really lovely.
  • Inks I’ve loaded up this week from old samples include Noodler’s Lexington Gray and Diamine Graphite. I am loving both of them!

Thank you for listening to the CMP.

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