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Nooks and Crannies (Creativity Matters Podcast 463)

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Episode 463: Nooks and Crannies

Episode 463 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Creative Nooks and Crannies, and a Lemon Curd and Crumpets Approach to Illustrated Journaling + Musings on “Enough” and expanding versus shrinking.

For the most part, this episode is a bit of a free-wheeling essay that snakes around issues of creative life, memory, numbers, tracking, planning, and more. It’s essay-ish in nature, with maybe a bit of the Jabberwocky thrown in. It’s not a polished piece, not a finished piece, not a piece that will necessarily ever be more than what it is — creative and philosophical musings. Is enough enough? Is enough boring? Is zero enough? Does life continue to expand or does it continue to shrink?

There is some illustrated journal talk (about #illustrateyourweek) and some stitch journal talk (because the icons really have proven to be a huge challenge). (For more about the embroidery stitch journal, see Episode 459 and Episode 460.)

Before getting there, you’ll hear a short list of nudges to get you inspired, to push you to shake up your routine, or to take a small creative step because you’re worth it. Among these nudges, I talk about:

  • The CMP book club (at Facebook) – We are reading Kitchen Front for April. Previous books have been The Authenticity Project, The Keeper of Lost Things, and The People We Keep. Discussions happen once a month in the Facebook group.
  • Drawing with other people via Zoom – Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of open dates and join me sometime for a casual hour of weekend drawing.
  • The “month list” I posted at Instagram for April
  • And more

Thank you for listening to the CMP.


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