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Waiting (Creativity Matters Podcast 464)

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Episode 464

Episode 464 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Waiting, complacency, and the risk of breathing just enough

This show circles around frequent and recurring topics. I heard some of the continued spiraling come up as I listened through during editing. But this is mostly a show about waiting. It is a show in advocation of noticing if you are waiting and thinking about why you are waiting and reminding yourself that life passes in the waiting.
There is some Mary Oliver discussion, some talk about video series, countdown projects (or projects you start x number of days before something), some talk about illustrated journaling and vulnerability, and some birds. Birds are partly responsible for the continued delay in the podcast, but the waiting has much more to do with it.
There are donation piles in this show and a bit of cleared space, hammocks, weeds, and more.
I don’t believe we have to be endlessly busy. I don’t think we have to be rushing or overscheduled or always on the go. But I do worry about a persistent state of waiting, about putting things off we really want to do because we are waiting for something, for a better day, a better pen, the perfect ink, or a mindset that believes the world is our oyster. I worry about the complacency that waiting something signifies or breeds. I worry about always waiting rather than embodying and fully living the here and now.
This show is about some of these things. There is talk about vulnerability, about illustrated journaling, about projects we want to do and put off, and about the need, sometimes, to realign and recalibrate rather than wait for things to open up.
For a dose of Mary Oliver, check these titles from your library:
Also mentioned: Kusama: A Grapic Novel. (I think I may have pronounced this wrong … a typo in my notes. I’m embarrassed that this happened!) If you’re interested in Kusama, by the way, this version of Alice in Wonderland is one to check out sometime.
Flashback reference: Episode 319: Translucency (2018), a show based on reading Here (by Richard McGuire).
Also related: Start Where You Are.

5 Random Things:

  1. I continue to enjoy the 65% mechanical keyboard I bought last summer. I’ve been wanting to replace my switches and key caps though. While the keyboard is wonderfully portable, the actual keys and sound leave something to be desired. I’ve watched far too many videos. The mechanical keyboard world is a giant rabbit hole!
  2. We are reading The Starless Sea (by Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus) in the CMP group. It’s our fifth group book for our new “book club.” The Starless Sea is mesmerizing and wonderful. It’s a fantastic read (so far) for anyone interested in story, storytelling, language, and willing to follow along to see what happens and where all the overlapping stories lead. For me, there have been echoes of The Neverending Story, a voice that reminds me of reading The Palladin Prophecy, my sense of the mysteriousness of reading The Mysterious Benedict Society with the boys years ago, and Alice in Wonderland. I’m hooked!
  3. It is almost time for summer art. This has, for many years, involved the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, run by Tammy of the Daisy Yellow site. The premise involves making art for 61 days on index cards, a simple substrate. I’ve always looked at it as an opportunity for a series, and I’ve talked a lot about working in series. Get started here. (There’s a video, too!)
  4. Oatmeal is especially good with butterscotch chips. PB2 is a good addition, too.
  5. We are entering Week 21 of #illustrateyourweek for 2022. The weekly prompts are posted on the Creativity Matters Podcast page at Instagram.

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