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Why Do You Make (and Keep) Art? (Creativity Matters Podcast 466)

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Why Do You Make and Keep Art - CMP EP 466

Episode 466 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Cleaning out the trunk, finding a “lost” notebook cover (when I wasn’t looking), and thinking about why we make and keep art

This show is alternately titled, “Not an Etch a Sketch Artist.” (And I have nothing but fond feelings about Etch a Sketch, fond feelings and maybe, in my advancing age, a bit of abstract anxiety.)

If I let myself, I would probably whittle this show away until it could barely stand up. I think in addition to the trouble I have making decisions, I’m a huge second-guesser. Somehow in the lag time between recording (when I think it all sounds “good” and makes sense and is clear like a laser beam) and the time I listen all the way through once or twice, trimming a bit here and there, I start to worry. Sometimes I worry a lot, and my “delete it” finger takes over. Sometimes, I just worry. Almost always, I have a counter-narrative going in my head because there are so many sides to the coin. I know even that I contradict myself in the same show here and there. Maybe I don’t like to be pinned in (or would that be penned in?). 

But, here we are in July. Things happened in June, including a car problem and a dog problem. I really don’t like the right words. I’ve actually spent too much time trying to figure out the right words. I don’t like any of the options. But those things happened. A short family visit and an extended family visit, a graduation, some birthdays, some medical things, a silent passing of the anniversary of the CMP’s 2006 start, and so June goes. (Or so it went.)

I had The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning checked out. I only read a bit of it before I got sideswiped by June, but some of what I read really landed. And then this week, I skimmed a post in advocation of throwing away your children’s art. Even the bits I gleaned from skimming really hit me in the soft spots of this “why does it matter?” morass I sometimes ponder.

This show comes out of that….. rising from the mix like spren (oh, nevermind…. you don’t read the same books I do for that to make sense). Finding a notebook cover I thought had been lost played a role, too, not the finding itself, but the few pages that were in the notebook inside. I’ve also been trying to clean out a large armoire (or cupboard, whichever rings true for you). It’s one of those catch-all creative cabinets that things fall out of when you open it. In all honestly, probably 70% of what is in there relates to crafts I don’t even do now. That percentage might be much higher. I don’t think there is any ink, or any pens, or any sketchbooks in there. So why is it so full? Why isn’t it really easy and straightforward to just get rid of all these bits and pieces that go to other crafts, other hobbies…. all the piles of paper wedged in the sides of the shelves?

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