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Day-by-Day Gratitude (Creativity Matters Podcast 474)

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Day-by-Day Gratitude

Episode 474 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Day-by-day gratitude tracking in November, gratitude mindset, and the sometimes uneasy fit of it

Notes from the first few days of gratitude thinking and intentional tracking in November 2022. Reminders for you about tracking gratitude this month and reassurance for anyone who might feel awkward thinking about or starting a gratitude practice. It isn’t always easy, and it is an ongoing practice.

For more about this show, start with Episode 473. In the show notes for 473, you will also find links to many other gratitude-themed shows from prior years.

This show includes notes from days 1-6.

Creative Projects and Gratitude

In prior years, especially 2017, I talked about all kinds of creative gratitude projects. I encourage you to go back and listen or re-listen. I won’t be diving into those this year, but doing a gratitude-focused project can be wonderful, and I did a month-long project several years in a row that allowed me to visually capture something each day related to gratitude and memory. I highly recommend these kinds of projects for the way they make gratitude tangible.

The book mentioned in this show (with the cranes on the cover) is Crafting Gratitude: Creating and Celebrating Our Blessings with Hands and Heart by Maggie Oman Shannon. In the moment I opened it, her opening words were exactly what I needed to see. (Note: I was looking at an e-book copy from the library, which is what I recommend for books. In the version available to me, the formatting wasn’t great, but I was mostly there for the intro material. The book offers a range of different gratitude-focused projects and accompanying stories about other people in relation to the different projects.)

For backlist listening, one of the many other shows that include paper cranes: Snowflakes and Paper Cranes (375)

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