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Invite the Unexpected (Creativity Matters Podcast 485)

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Invite the Unexpected 485

Episode 485 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Inviting the unexpected, the simplicity of deliberate wandering, sketchnoting old shows, 2 books about authors and artists, a Julia Cameron read-along, and more.

In this episode, some updates and vignettes:

  • Some library wander and the value of the wander
  • The importance of finding ways to create those moments and opportunities for the unexpected for yourself
  • Two books — fantastic graphic novels about artists and illustrators
  • A quick note about sketchnoting old shows (a one-a-week old-show goal + I think I should do this digitally/get an iPad)
  • Some Hayao Miyazaki talk; after reading the books, I started rewatching the Miyazaki movies, starting with Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro
  • A Julia Cameron read-along invitation for Write for Life (find all the information on the substack) – I am hoping to read along, track the experience, and open discussions for each of the six “week” chapters
  • A reminder that I’m writing regularly again and sending out a weekly newsletter via the substack space….. I’d love to have you join me there….

There is a Pac-Man moment…. which now I need to look up and remind myself of the visuals of the ghosts and dotted path (so clear, of course, forty years ago) to add to my journal. There was a moment in this show where I also felt like I needed to find an X-Files audio clip, but I just didn’t have time.

The two books reviewed here are both by Elizabeth Haidle. I said I looked at three and then realized I looked at four. The fourth, I think, may be what led me to reserve them all at the same time. The fourth was written by someone else (Deb Olin Unferth) but illustrated by Haidle. That one is I, Parrot. (It’s a very unusual story, and it is, really, about someone taking care of a house full of parrots. But it’s also about families, and “the system,” and parenting, and relationships, and how sometimes things go so wrong even when we are trying so hard.) So, the four books:

Also mentioned: Why Johnny Can’t Read Now; An Elegy (Deanna Kreisel)


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