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Gratitude Vignettes (Creativity Matters Podcast 490)

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Episode 490

Episode 490 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — November Gratitude, a Gratitude Cloak, and a Series of Vignettes

This episode is partly (mostly) a read-through of a recent post on the Illustrated Life substack. There is gratitude talk (that doesn’t exist in the substack post) and a series of 10 vignettes that invite you to listen and to make meaning from the juxtaposition of simple moments. There are parrots and roses. There is a bit about baked feta pasta (which was the topic a while back). There are panels about the embroidering of a gratitude cloak.

December prompts are coming! For those of you who enjoy #illustrateyourweek or would like to keep an illustrated journal this December, there will be a new set of prompts. 

More November Gratitude

There are a bunch of older episodes about gratitude, and about gratitude projects, big and small. You can pick up the thread with any of these:


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