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Category: Illustrated journal

CMP 484 Habit Stack and Yellow Roses

Episode 484 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — Thoughts on morning writing, crafting a habit stack, seeing, AI tools, looking for glimmers of hope, and more

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IllustrateYourWeek Prompts for December Thumb

A special set of December illustrated journal, writing, and art prompts for supporters of #illustrateyourweek and the Creativity Matters Podcast December is coming! (I just watched House of Dragons last week, and “Winter is coming!” has even more meaning now than it did when I first watched Game of Thrones.) December is coming! Actually, it’s… more…

Amy Creative Journey | Featured | Illustrated journal , , , ,
Episode 460

Episode 460 of the Creativity Matters Podcast: Continued discussion of the stitch journal embroidery project, choosing an icon a day, and similar approaches in a sketchbook or journal

Amy Creative Journey | Featured | Goals | Illustrated journal | Philosophical Threads | Podcast | Sketchnote | Stitch Journal | wander | Whimsy , , , , , , , ,
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