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Category: Pen and Ink

ICAD 19/61

  Some ICAD cards take a different direction than I expect. As became the norm this summer, I often contemplated the daily prompts and then found some way to approach the prompt in my own way, often from a different angle or back door. Sometimes, no one else would even realize the prompt was there…. more…

Amy Creative Journey | ICAD | Pen and Ink | Uncategorized

  Everyday Matters #6 – Favorite well-loved object (Or a childhood toy) For some reason, it seems this EDM challenge “expects” something stuffed. While there is a lingering collection of stuffed things gathering dust on shelves throughout the house, there is little attachment these days to stuffed animals from the kids,. (Though there room still… more…

Amy Everyday Matters | Featured | Pen and Ink | Philosophical Threads

Everyday Matters #5- A bed We decided not to draw a bed but to draw the couch, which was recently used as a bed. I didn’t fill in all the pattern on the quilt, just the gist. (I love drawing fiber art… but to fully do so ends up being a long exercise in pattern… more…

Amy Everyday Matters | Featured | Pen and Ink

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