Were you looking for an old show?

You may notice that some podcast episodes are no longer available on the Creativity Matters Podcast site. Your  podcast players only show a limited amount of episodes anyway (300 is currently the max), and the CMP has more than 350 episodes since its inception in 2006 as the Creative Mom Podcast.

In 2019, relocation of the show (a combination of budget issues and hosting problems) necessitated the removal of some of the earlier CMP episodes. You may not have even realized that shows 30+ were playable on the website in the past. Most of us really do use a podcast player.

Jan 2021 Update: many shows between 174 and 200 have been removed due to space limitations and the cost associated with running the podcast.

For the moment, shows 174-present are available, but this availability will continue to shift. Unfortunately, hosting all of the back episodes may not remain possible with the current model.

I apologize if you were looking for an older show that is no longer available!