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Episode 448 Octopus

Episode 448 of the Creativity Matters Podcast: reflecting on the birthday, on the two years of self-portraits, on a year with a list and one without, and a 100 Things list.

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Spilltide - Kitchen Sink

Once a month, I find myself in the car, driving south, and listening to a pile of podcasts. (I make a pile, but I tend to only get through 2-3 of them.) In listening last week, I heard a What Should I Read Next episode that was perfect for me… suggestions for someone who loves… more…

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Year-end Review Creative

  Taking Time to Reflect on the Creative Year that Was I think it is important to do a creative year-end review in addition to any other regular life year-end review you do. This snapshot of your creative year and of what you value, what you tried, what you explored, what you discovered, what stood… more…

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