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Episode 265: Inktober Week 1

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Episode 265: Inktober Week 1

Above: a drawing from Inktober 2017.

Episode 265 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast – A Week 1 of Inktober 2017 Retrospective

In this episode of the CMP, a coffee talk show (AKA casual) and a look at week 1 of Inktober… thoughts on a sketchbook that has great (and thick) paper… reminders and words of encouragement and support about doing a daily drawing challenge. You will learn a lot, but it may be gradual, so don’t be discouraged. After 30 days, you may look back and be surprised! [Skip to 25 minutes if you want to dive into the meat of the show and skip the “my journey” talk and get to the nuding, reassurance, and motivation.]

The Flow of Episode 265 (and relevant links):

  • 06:35 Inktober week 1… Days 1-6 in a Pentalic Traveler
  • 18:50 Self-pressure in doing a daily challenge
  • 19:45 10PM and the blank page (plus cobalt blue pants)
  • 21:40 Shifted to Lamy XL
  • 25-26… quotes coming. Skip to here if you are in a hurry!
  • 25:06 Group observations
  • 27:43 Trying to reclaim ink in my head (so no pencil underdrawing this month)
  • 28:00 The moral to the story — you won’t love every single drawing you do in a daily
  • 29:00 Do things that have meaning for you; do what you love; love what you do
  • It is OK to love your work – and to admit that!
  • 30:26 You’ll learn a lot doing a daily drawing challenge… if you let yourself and trust in the process
  • 31:00 Learning happens on a gradient, gradual uptick in skill — you may not notice day to day
  • 33:12 The way to get better at drawing is to draw
  • 33:50 Read Creative License (Danny Gregory) — it is a pivotal book in learning to accept, trust, and love your OWN line.

Mentioned in this show:

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