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Honey Bear (420)

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Episode 420: Honey Bear

Episode 420 of the CMP, a Creativity Matters Podcast — the great honey bear mystery and a reminder to look, to see, to approach your movements and moments with a mindset of wander and an openness to the world around you

In this episode of the CMP,  some general creative talk about seeing, noticing, being observing, and really keying into what you see when you are out and about. Even within small circles at home or nearby drives, you pass hundreds and hundreds of opportunities for seeing. Don’t be afraid to snap photos that you can use to draw later. These little sightings and tidbits can become wonderful additions to your sketchbook, visual journal, or illustrated journal.

The story part of the show involves both an “A” door I saw while driving and a large “honey bear” in a window. I thought it was just a Sue Bee Honey Bear (for all these months), and I never questioned it beyond that. There are three of these bears on my street, two rainbow and one gold. From a distance, I kept thinking the gold one was some form of holiday ornament bear, and I didn’t know why it was in the window. I would see it without really seeing it … and shrug. Bears in windows, of course, along with rainbows, have been a thing during the pandemic. (I added a simple rainbow and talked about it in Episode 387.) I just assumed this “ornament-like” honey bear was somehow related.)

When my son questioned it though, I realized there was something else afoot. A quick search turned up the story of artist Fnnch and the Honey Bear Kits. You can read about it here and here. And the tweet I mentioned in the show wasn’t a tweet at all. It was a Facebook post and can be found here.

Clearly I never really looked. This honey bear is even holding popcorn and wearing 3D glasses!

Honey Bear


Draw Along Timed Drawing

The drawing I started while recording this show was this inspiration pick from Sktchy — a large portrait on a blank page. I flipped this image to make it face the other portrait (on the other page) to create better balance and framing around which to fit in my final illustrated notes for the week. It worked out well. I inked it later while editing this show. So I drew along as I drew. There’s something delightfully meta and full-circle about that.


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